Pre-Construction Services


Provide a preliminary estimate based upon the schematic drawings which have been prepared to date for the project.  A guaranteed maximum price would be established once sufficient information is provided which outlines the scope of the project.

Prepare additional estimates during design development as the scope of the project becomes better defined.  Monitor construction costs to insure that the budget set forth is closely maintained.

Advise the “Team” members immediately if costs are exceeding preliminary estimates.

When working drawings are completed, a comprehensive cost estimate will be prepared.  The guaranteed maximum price for the project will then be confirmed.


Work with the architect to analyze alternate construction methods, materials, and systems.  Evaluate current market trends and the effect which these will have upon construction costs.

Make recommendations regarding construction feasibility, availability of material and labor, time requirements for project completion, and early occupancy, construction costs, and the economics of various build systems.

Coordinate the involvement of specific subcontractors (i.e., mechanical and electrical) during the design stages as required.  This will involve obtaining preliminary estimates from subcontractors to insure that the project is being designed within specified cost parameters.  At both the owner’s and our option, the subcontractors could be hired during initial planning if the “Team” believes this is necessary.


Establish a complete project schedule which integrates the design time, the estimating process, and the construction period.

Coordinate early expediting of long lead material items with the design team.  Make recommendations concerning alternate material selections if specified products adversely affect the comprehensive project schedule.

Eventually, a critical path method (CPM) schedule or bar chart schedule will be established which incorporates major milestones for the project.


Review plans with the architect and make recommendations concerning:  a) Early awarding of subcontracts to expedite construction schedule;  b) Division of work for bidding purposes; and  c) Coordinate plans to eliminate any overlap between various specification sections.

Factors considered by General Contractor include:  a) Type and scope of work;  b) Availability of labor and materials and Subcontractor qualifications and bonding requirements.


Assemble and review bid data. Conduct pre-bid conferences for material suppliers and subcontractors. Solicit at least three competitive subcontractor and material supplier bids for all categories of work. Upon completion of trade bidding, check subcontractor and material supplier qualifications and past performance records. Issue subcontracts and material purchase orders.


Attend pre-design meetings with architect and the local building official to provide a cursory review of the drawing.  Assist the Design “Team” with obtaining information requested by the local building official. Obtain the building permit for the project.